Bhop Server

Back Story

The Indian CS:GO Community players were getting bored of the same old competitive games and deathmatch practices… Sometimes they too want to relax and just jump around. So one individual approached us and asked to launch a Bhop server. We said that if there is a demand, we will serve to it. So that individual took a screenshot and posted it on Facebook. The post got over 350 likes and about 100 comments!

This individual had posted on 17th December and we launched the server in just 3 days. The Technical Team had to pull all-nighters, but this is our passion and we love following our passion!

Server Features

Tired of killing players? Want to just relax and jump around? Bhop server is the Go-To server for you then. In this Fun server you simply have to bunny-hop around a course map and complete it in the fastest time possible. You can also challenge your friends in a race! Other features are Fast Download, Radio, Store, Timer, Custom Styles and Rankings, and over 140 maps!

Launch Date

20th December 2016


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