Counter-Strike: Classic Offensive Review

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Counter Strike: Classic Offensive, a game mod created for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive by Zool Smith. The main focus of this mod is to implement the Counter-Strike 1.6 feel, look and features to CS:GO. it is a really great Mod and gives a nostalgic feel for the old players. But sadly all of the 1.6 Features couldn’t be implemented because of the difference of engines. As 1.6 was created on the Gold Source Engine, CS:GO is created on the Source engine, because of that all the assets and features are like Counter-Srike: Source. Inshort, this is a Remastered Version of 1.6/Source

What all Zool has done to this Mod:

– Removed Skins
– Replaced most sounds, and fixed audio mixing
– Remade the old radio
– Old nades, removed ears ringing, blurry flashes
– Done few weapons stats
– Made new particles (needs some edits though)
– Remade some skins, placeholder models (Awp, knife, nades, deagle, ak…)
– Changed playermodels and made custom skins
– Tweaked localisations, replaced mainmenu texts, weapons etc…


Note: You must own Counter-Strike: Global Offensive and have it installed in your PC.

The installation is really simple.

To install the game First you have to download the mod file, you can download it from here

After that, extract the file and you’ll see something like this

After that, copy the csco folder from the extracted folder and copy it to > Steam > steamspps > sourcemods. As shown here

After that, close the folder and restart your steam, you’ll see the Game in your Library. As shown here

After this, you’re pretty much done! You can now play CSCO. It will have all your settings from CSGO as it is a CSGO mod, but remember, you cannot play on any Valve Official servers with this mod or connect to any CSGO servers with this mod. You can only play with bots or make a lobby with friends who also have this mod.

To connect to your server or any server, you have to open console and type connect “Server IP:Port”. Server browser doesn’t work yet as the mod is still in BETA. It might be fixed in future updates.


Overall this mod is really great and fun to play with friends if you enjoyed Counter-strike 1.6 back in the day, then this mod is perfect for you. I will totally recommend this but expect bugs as it is still in BETA. This mod is very nostalgic and brings back those Counter-Strike 1.6 memories. The mod was being developed for almost a year and a half and it has just launched on 25th December 2016 in BETA and it already has broken the internet. The Counter-Strike Community loves this mod and appreciates the work done by Zool. It has gained a lot of popularity among the professional players of Counter-Strike: Global Offensive.


Do not, I repeat Do not try to search for matchmaking with CSCO as it might result in a BAN as this is just a mod, don’t worry, the game wont get you a BAN if you play on a CS:CO server, private lobby match or playing with bots, only if you try to connect with Valve servers, you might get Banned, because of missing/replaced asset files which modify the game.

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