Dare2Dream wins ILG Cup CS:GO Havok Nation Pune Minor

The CS:GO team Dare2Dream has pulled off yet another victory in the ILG Cup CS:GO Havok Nation Pune Minor by defeating MystiC Gaming 2-0 in the finals! The event was hosted at Havok Nation Pune 10th – 11th June.

Team Dare2Dream out classed all teams that participated in the event and remained victorious in the end. This minor event of ILG Cup had a total prize-pool of 28,500 INR. Total 16 teams had qualified to play in the event. The finale looked one sided from the very beginning which ended in a very short span.

About Event:

Indian LAN Gaming (ILG) Cup is a LAN gaming event presented by LXG and Lenovo. ILG Cup is Powered by HyperX. ILG is a celebration of competitive LAN gaming in India. Multiple tournaments spread over Gaming Cafes across seven cities in India, ILG Cup aims to rejuvenate the LAN Gaming culture in the country.

1. DOTA 2
2. CS:GO
3. Overwatch

Total – 27 Tournaments

1. Minors – 21 Tournaments
a. DOTA 2 – 7 Tournaments
b. CS:GO – 7 Tournaments
c. Overwatch – 7 Tournaments

2. Majors – 6 Tournaments
a. DOTA 2 – 2 Tournaments
b. CS:GO – 2 Tournaments
c. Overwatch – 2 Tournaments

Total – 20,00,000 INR

1. Minors – 21 Tournaments X 28,500 INR
a. First Place : 18,500 INR
b. Second Place : 10,000 INR
The Winners and Runners-up of the minors get a slot in both the Majors.

2. Majors – 6 Tournaments X 1,50,000 INR
a. First Place : 75,000 INR
b. Second Place : 50,000 INR
c. Third Place : 25,000 INR

Venues/Partnered Gaming Cafes
1. League of Extraordinary Gamers(LXG), Bangalore
2. League of Extraordinary Gamers (LXG), Chennai
3. Playmax Interactive, Hyderabad
4. Havok Nation, Pune
5. Gearup Gaming, Mumbai
6. INFI Lounge, Kolkata
7. Xtreme Gaming, Delhi

1. Minors – January to July 2017
2. Majors – September & October 2017
For a detailed schedule, visit http://ilg.lxgindia.com/schedule.php

Registration Fee
There is No registration fee for any of the ILG cup tournaments. However all the participants will have to recharge Café time for their respective tournament games.


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