Reply To: Criticism and Unban request.


Hello VJ Power.

Well looking at the face value of this particular case. You have clearly undermined the values we hold here at D2D.
Even if we consider that you were hysterically sarcastic about a community which has worked hard to develop esports in India, you shouldn’t be playing here in the first place

Coming to the screen shots and recordings provided by the admin it seems that you were on the server for creating chaos maliciously. Your nonchalance towards admins at any level is highly frowned upon.
With this message I condemn any user of this service to directly engage with admins for banter purposes. Genuine reports can be made on forums rather than getting into street level banter.

We at D2D welcome critism, but at the same time we dont allow a load of bullshit and abuses masked as hysterical sarcasm. The ban sustains.

Thanks and Regards.