Hello, I’m that Sami Alam you speak of. Well, none of this seems true, As I’ve checked your mute records, you’ve been already muted once by one of our Admins for 2 days, for the exact same reason I muted you for. Proof: I came to the server as one of our trial administrators reported to me that some people are abusing and challenging him of his authorities. I quickly came to the server to assist him, I saw you playing clips which were annoying to few players including me and the trial administrator. And when I warned you, no one was talking except me and the Trial administrator, you heard me clearly but yet kept on playing it, then I gave you one last warning to which you replied “Admin hai? Pyaar se bolna” When I clearly warned you not once, but twice. Then you played the clip again, not once, but more than 2-3 times, That is why I muted you, if you would’ve played it once I wouldn’t have muted you and understood you played it by mistake, but you played it 2-3 times which does not seem like a mistake. Then after you received your mute, you told me in chat “Server ki coding nahi aati aur aaya Ambani ban ne” Then you disconnect and came in the next map with another account. You clearly told me that time that you had more than 80 accounts and ban/mute wont affect you. By doing this, you’ve broken one more of our rules which is Ban evading, We permanently ban anyone who tries to Evade Mute/Gag/Ban. As you’ve broken this rule. You got permanently banned by Kunal who is a more superior Admin than me.

This concludes that You’ve broken many of our rules, Even ban evaded and clearly tried to Threaten my Administrator privileges by saying that you have more than 80 accounts so anything I do won’t affect you. Even lied right now by saying you were not aware of our rules when you actually got muted by one of our admins for 2 days for the exact same reason, you should’ve been aware with this mute that we don’t allow that in Retake servers.

By this I close this case.

Your Ban still prevails.

Sami Alam

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  • This reply was modified 6 years, 5 months ago by CoderGeek82.