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    Dear D2D Staff
    Im KaiN as You all know me and I was even banned From D2D servers on grounds “my previous account is banned”

    Ive been an honest and loyal D2D supporter from start and i truly appreciate from the bottom of my heart how u guys do and have been doing so much for our Indian CSGO community that too regularly 24×7.
    Ive even helped admins many many times to catch cheaters irrespective of all the hackusations on regarding me cheating and all but trsut me why would i cheat on a community server? Infact i am playing in a community people would eventually know theres something’s wrong with this guy but i never faltered and continued playing and above all i never ever changed my “nick” 🙁 🙁
    “I play on d2d irrespective of the fact that it wont get me any rank or ahead in game instead i love d2d alot and my days feel really boring without d2d i swear trust me on this”.
    Now Regarding my ban reason:- That Account ive Already Sold It Pretty Much a long time
    ago and trust me the account got banned “after it was sold”. How am i supposed to sell a banned id if it was already banned 🙁 it got banned after it was sold to some outsider. I had this “same nick” on my already sold previous id and i am playing in a “community” based server where some of the best and known players come to play using that exact “same nick” which i previously had on that account. If i was guilty enough people would have caught me at once but trust me i never did anything such which might make me feel guilty and to my knowledge i dont know who had access to account after it was sold coz once it was sold i was no longer the owner 🙁
    -I never ever used mic on our servers
    -Never abused any fellow mates or players
    -Never ever abused any fellow and respected admins
    -Always helped in spotting cheaters some of the fellow admins are like brothers to me and they do know this
    I always had immense love and faith for our D2D servers and still do but “I really miss being on D2D as well”
    Mistakes have been made, mujhse galti hui hai but i swear mujhe wo galti sudhaarne ka bas ek chance chahiye. Its my humble request i just need one last chance to prove myself that what people think about me is totally opposite of what i actually am 🙁 🙁
    so… I Request D2D Staff To Umban me from the server

    Sorry for mentioning but “Ayush Garg” bhaiya – I am Sorry!!! but trust me the above reasons are true and i swear bas ek last chance please apologising to entire D2D community please accept my apology!!!


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