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    The spawn points in this FFA servers are very irritating they always spawn behind and you cannot move untill you kill 10 people at the exact same spawn Like platform in B site Dust 2 . Its like Holding an angle untill you die at that spot and this is the story for every spawn point !

    Please randomize the spawn points or add some delay like sostronk !


    Thanks for your feedback, an admin will look into the spawn points suggestion and respond to you soon.

    Support Drag2Death

    Jay Parekh

    Hey SpoiL3r!

    We have added spawn protection so that you don’t get spawn-killed, also the players spawn randomly and a respawn delay is set too. Most of the players are now adjusted to these settings so changing them now could be an issue for some players who have been using our deathmatch servers for months.


    I know there is spawn protection , still if i kill someone at suppose b platform a player spawns immediately and this carry on untill u have killed atleast 4-5 adn then there is some delay so you can move.

    PS – some times the server feels laggy and there is like black screen stuttering when i crouch and look down !


    I think if you capture a video of the exact issue and share a link with us, we will be able to understand the crux of the issue and resolve promptly.
    As far as server is concerned, we run 128 tick servers using the best infrastructure available in the country so we are really not sure if you are mixing up some client side issues with server. To eradicate such doubts, a video capture from your gaming machine could really help us resolve.

    Best Regards,
    Support, Drag2Death

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