Criticism and Unban request.

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    ✪ VjPower

    I am a regular player on D2D servers. Everyone knows me as a talkative, sarcastic and humorous player.

    I was playing and one the 1v1 server one day and was in a match against Js-da-beast. I lost and due to temporary excitement I sarcastically said “This server shoudlnt be 128 tick…it registers nothing….it shoudve been 32 tick”. For this mere reason I was muted for a significant amount of time by Bonecrusher. I was infuriated and my rage led me to say some abusive stuff about the server just to mock the admin. For this I was then permanently gagged. Now, I couldnt communicate with anyone on the server. I then transferred some messages(offensive messages) on the server chat. This got me banned. All of the punishments were placed by Bonecrusher.

    I do think that my rage was normal and natural. And if the dumb admin cannot differentiate between ‘Server Disrespect’ and ‘Hysterical Sarcasm’, then something is wrong with him. I AM NOT AT ALL SORRY FOR MY ACTIONS AND I DO THINK THAT I WAS BANNED WITHOUT A SIGNIFICANT AND PROMINENT REASON.


    Hello VJ Power.

    Well looking at the face value of this particular case. You have clearly undermined the values we hold here at D2D.
    Even if we consider that you were hysterically sarcastic about a community which has worked hard to develop esports in India, you shouldn’t be playing here in the first place

    Coming to the screen shots and recordings provided by the admin it seems that you were on the server for creating chaos maliciously. Your nonchalance towards admins at any level is highly frowned upon.
    With this message I condemn any user of this service to directly engage with admins for banter purposes. Genuine reports can be made on forums rather than getting into street level banter.

    We at D2D welcome critism, but at the same time we dont allow a load of bullshit and abuses masked as hysterical sarcasm. The ban sustains.

    Thanks and Regards.

    ✪ VjPower

    I was sarcastic only till the moment I was falsely muted. The mute indirectly accused me of lying and disguised my ‘casual’ words as a sign of disrespect. This triggered my temper. Even after the mute I only abused the SERVER just to infuriate the admin just to fill my need of vengeance. I didnt abuse any admin until I was gagged and couldnt communicate with anyhow with the people on the server. I do apologize for my wrong doings but I also think that it was the fault of the admin who wrongfully muted me.

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