False accusation of wallhack ( Unban )

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    Player : *M4GUS* #TILTING HARD

    Steam ID : STEAM_0:1:196376032

    Steam3 ID : [U:1:392752065]

    Steam Community : 76561198353017793

    Date and Time of ban : 05-28-17 16:46

    Invoked on : 05-28-17 16:46

    Banlength : Permanent

    Expires on : Not applicable.

    Reason : Wallhack

    Banned by Admin : Matrix7689

    Banned from : Web Ban

    Total Bans : No previous bans

    So, few mins ago, I got banned from the Drag2Death.com | Casual Server | 128 Tick saying that I am wallhacking. Also 2 demos were provided in the Banlist Overview. I’ve been playing on this server for a long time and I never used any type of wallhack, aimbot, or any type of cheat.

    In the 1st demo, Whoever uploaded that, Can you at least watch the whole round please? I am with T 1v1 against a CT. I planted the bomb on B site on Cobblestone and aim at the drop position with a AWP. I can clearly hear the guy coming from the mid doors as he was running and then try to sneak. Maybe the guy recording the demo couldn’t hear the footsteps cuz people were talking loudly or any other thing I am not sure. And the part where they saying I am tracing him through the wall, It’s just crosshair placement if you are going to peek at that position which i did many times. I wouldn’t be missing any shots if i really using a wallhack or stuff like that.

    In the 2nd demo, I am standing in the lower halls I believe? I don’t remember exactly but there were only 3-4 Ts alive including me and 7-8 CTs I guess, All Ts are at Halls and its obvious that someone will try to flank so I am watching if someone comes from mid. If you see with X ray, it shows that I am aiming at a guy through the wall but I am aiming at the Head position if someone tries to flank. It’s just pure game sense bro

    I would like to request to reconsider the false ban on me as I never used any type of cheat and I don’t even do ghosting like other people. You can spec me whenever I play and say for yourself if I really use any type of cheat.

    Jay Parekh

    Hello M4GUS.

    Checked the demo, since there isn’t enough evidence we are revoking your ban.


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