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    Hello everyone,

    Im Altaf aka kira#killer want to support for the relaunch of Multimod server, I took a break from gaming for about 5-6 months because i had to work on my college project seriously. when i left everything was good , i was sure i would return one day and when i returned i saw that D2d went on the next level of awesomeness and had achieved many things conducted many events and stuff , I feel proud being a member of this community which takes feedback from community and help them out. then to my surprise i saw better servers and 1 server was missing the Multimod server the one which used to be busy every time. I was shocked to know that it was shut down because no one was playing on it . some say there where too many kids spamming some say one minigames was used to be played but whatsoever the reason Multimod was shut down . all I want is it to be back online , i really feel sad cause the server which introduced me to D2d is down , all we need is old school Multimod with out minigames or shop where people used to make memories like i made . I know that it must have been hard for community to close the server as it took too much time of Ayush and all designing plugins and stuff so i don’t want it go in vain, I Ask for support to turn back on The multimod server and i hope we will do so…

    Thank You

    N!ghTmaR3 xD

    +1 MultiMod is love <3

    Sanchit Ohri

    Yes Please Get Multimod Back
    It was Very Good and You won’t Get Bore While Playing On That Server. I Love Multimod. Kira is Saying Right That You Should Bring MultiMod Server Back.


    +1 bring multimod back 😀

    L A D Y ♥

    me too want it to come back…
    but the question is not that how many players want it back…
    but the real question is how much time they will give it?

    i can play 1/2 hr daily on weekdays….and on weekends 3-4hrs

    Nova -✘-

    Make Multimod Great Again <3

    FlowMxD -:D

    miss multimod ;-;


    I miss the old days when we used to play Jailbreak and Tj was the warden. Wish that could happen again.
    Multimod is love Multimod is life



    Shit i miss those days! All day playing with that autoBhop and Jetpack and Tomahawk knife and Batman Arkham knight skin, Naruto skin, One punch man skin, Ass Kicker always crying for credits and skins, Spideygod showing off his 1lac+ credits, thunder being called Takla, Ayush coming and doing awesome giveaways!

    Shit i miss those days playing with LadyDabangg, Cs_Godfather, NightMare, Js-Da-Beast, Advice, Dry Cry and a lot of great friends with whome i did so much fun all day!

    That was the time i used to pay a hundred and fifty bucks every day only to play on MultiMod Server.. I still do but it’s no fun anymore!

    How could you shut down so much of fun just because it wasn’t filled with players like before?

    If you’ve only Paused it, please unpause because now we miss it when it’s gone!

    And please get all our !inv and !credits as it is if possible. 😛
    If not, doesn’t matter really.

    amir ali ansari

    Make Multimod Great Again <3

    Skilled Killer

    bcoz MULTIMOD IS LOVE <3

    ✪ Lazer™

    +1, but you need to see that kids/players don’t ruin the fun that all players will have. They’re the main reason people stopped coming to the server. If you promise that action will be taken against such kids or players, I’m sure people will come to the server without you asking them to. 🙂

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    Skilled Killer

    That means multimod is going to come again <3…. And u also guys need to understand that bcoz of those kids ….why we suffering…take a strict action against them… But plz bring MULTIMOD BACK!!….


    Multimod is what introduced me to D2D and is where is spent 3/4th of my CSGO Time. I really miss it and hope to once again play on it like I used to 🙂

    Satya Saketh

    hello gentlemen.pls get the multimod back!i and all the users love it.the first server after starting csgo at first is d2d multimod.i love it and also i love this whole d2d community.all the servers are good just get the multimod back and everything else is awsome!

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