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    Jesse Hol

    Evening Team,

    Firstly i would kindly like to apologize for everything i caused within Drag2Death and the community that comes with it.

    I’m a perfectionist, and always striving for the best possible result in everything i do. Therefore i became really mad whilst streaming and blamed the players for it, which is never the right thing to do.

    Now i’m not asking for any kind of administratorship or becoming a mod, but i would love to interact and play with both D2D and the awesome community again.

    My sincere apologies in detail to Sahil, Jay, Ayush, and ofcourse the duo behind it all: Jaideep and Amol.

    Hope you will take my wish for granted and become the strong formation once again,

    Jesse ‘Stamination’ Hol.


    Dear @Stamination
    Just an update, we have been discussing your matter internally. Will surely come back to you, may not be on forums but at personal level.

    Regards, @CoderGeek82

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