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    I got banned by Matrix for aimbot suspicion. He added me and we talked – he said he had proof and provided a demo – I try to be unbiased but I didn’t find what I did suspicious at all – maybe you all can be the judges: – I love D2D servers and really can’t live without ’em (nojoke) as they are the nearest and most populated servers around. Would really appreciate being unbanned. Thanks.

    Jay Parekh

    Re-uploaded the demo file. Please check the given 2 demos. These were recorded in the Arena Mod server. The ban still prevails.


    So, the original demo was me just playing in DM a week ago now you give me demos from 2016 they YOU HAD at the time but still didn’t ban me for? Now, you bring up old demos from 2016 that aren’t suspicious at all and ban me for them once you realized that demo didn’t suffice? I didn’t play Arena Mod since 2016 – and even so, I did nothing suspicious. If you can direct me to the nearest competent admin I can speak with I’d really appreciate it.


    To clear things up:

    Matrix banned me a week ago because he thought I was hacking in HS deathmatch: ( ( – it says so that it was in HS server not Arena Mod.

    Now, he realized that the actual evidence didn’t suffice and changed it old demos from 2016 in Arena Mod that aren’t even’t suspicious nor warrant a ban – he had those demos from 2016 yet he still didn’t ban me. Huh?

    What I’m trying to say, he banned me a week ago for suspicion of aimbot in HS DM then changed the evidence to old demos from 2016 that don’t even warrant a ban.

    Hope I made my point clear. Thanks.


    It warrants your ban clearly as we don’t check old demos in every case. Matrix must have realised that you must have been hacking before too so he checked old demos.


    But both the old and new demos don’t warrant a ban.

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