Unban please.

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    First off im sorry for not posting this in the proper forum,it was closed and i couldnt create one
    and second of all,please unmute me ,the thing what happend was in the arena mod server
    basically stamination muted me,and so i was listening to songs by my self but then,the map changed,and i got unmuted i had no idea and no notice of me getting unmmuted so i continued,stamition was saying stop but i didnt know to who because everyone was talking,i didnt think he would say that to me because he muted me,i know it was irresponisble
    of me not to listen to a senior admin and it was a mistake,so please im begging you to unban me ,you can however permenant mute me but please unban,i really need D2D and its the
    only platform which i can enjoy and interact with new people,well if you unban me i cant really talk but its k ill use chat,sorry for my behavior and actions i need 1 more chance
    to prove myself ,

    please unban me.


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