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    Sorry for my behaviour on multimod server. I didnt know this would lead to permanant ban. In my defense, I saw many players doing same on testing server. So I thought it would be fine. One more player before me had been banned for same reason but not permanant. Please unban me or atleast remove permanant ban. I cant live without d2d servers.

    Steam id : Logic // wildcase.com
    Link : http://steamcommunity.com/id/ashu1999/


    I have gone through the issue . Please think about other play while playing on the server and don’t create problems to others . The base blocking mod is under testing and we will soon come to ss of our chat solve the issue


    I am really sorry about this and this wont happen. Thanks for your response. I am really missing the server. I assure you this wont happen ever again.


    Please dont repeat your offense in future.

    Thunder #D2D


    Thanks a lot! I assure you this won’t happen ever again.

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