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    requesting the senior admins to unban me.Im sorry for what i did,And i will ensure that this will not repeat again.Im havin previous bans which were a kind of joke.No warning has been given to me in my previous bans.


    Hello Anish,
    Our team has decided that you wont be unbanned.
    You were banned previously for abusing our servers too. You call this a joke?
    You already have 2 previous bans.No more Warnings.
    The Ban Stays.

    Thunder #D2D
    Team Drag2Death



    seriously?The previous bans which i got…the mods didnt even warn me..they banned me straight away.Im requesting you to unabn me,And i’ll ensure that this will not happen next time…give me a chance..if this time i get banned again…dont spare me…please.

    thanking you.


    Isnt in common sense that you cant abuse the platform where you are playing? Abusing Drag2Death servers isnt a small offense,you expect admins to warn you for that?



    im not abusing anyone..i just screamed on mic…and the admin muted me….further some guys were also doin same…the admin warned him..so i wrote in the chat to mute him…he gagged me…i asked him that y he is that strict…he made a ban request.
    Please unban me.Give me a mute and gag.


    Unbanned on final warning,Even a small offense in future can lead to a perma ban for you!
    And you will stay Muted and Gagged for a month.

    Thunder #D2D

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