unban request and admin problems


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    mr king banned me from multimod because i was talking about reporting him.
    i m reporting him because he is using noclip in basebuilder mod for his advantages and blocking some t’s on blocks.
    I also have the recorded clip.

    мя. кιηg

    first of all, i used no clip but it was not to anyone advantage. as soon as the last ct died i unfroze myself. Second thing, my no clip was undone a long time before the last ct died. Third, you did not get banned for saying “i will report you” you got banned cause you were constantly getting into harassment towards an admin. Fourth, i did not block any T. Fifth, the Only ct i blocked Which you failed to mention was a friend of mine who has no problem with that. So, what’s your problem?


    Riddh, calm down. Multimod is still in beta stage… When the server is live and any admin is still doing that, then report!

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    Cruze give me some booze. xD~


    there you go T.j. 😛

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