Indian e-Sports Championship Event Review

Indian e-Sports Championship was the largest event in India in 2016, which consisted of popular multiplayer games such as Cs:Go, Dota 2, Cs 1.6, Fifa. It is regarded one of the largest events taking place in India which consisted of 5 phases

Cafe Warz
The Uprising Knockouts
Proving Ground Knockouts
Proving Ground League
Ground Zero – Finale

IESC introduced a new concept called “Cafe Warz” in Mumbai, a lan event designed for various Cafes across the city. Each cafe had to register and battle against the other cafes to ensure a spot at the finale viz. Ground Zero lan.

One of the major highlights of this event was the venue. The organizers based the event at Dublin Square situated at Phoenix Market City Kurla, a huge venue with gaming setups for four different games. The major games focused on during this extravaganza were CSGO AND DOTA2 with ridiculous prize pool of ₹ 8,50,000 each game. The organizers made sure to also add fun activities like Cosplay, Flash Mobs & Giveaways. Last but not least Music, top Indian entertainers namely Lost Stories, DJ Anish and Punjab Di Shaan Navraj Hans turned the entire ambience of the arena to nothing less than that of a music festival. Event organization was good, IESC managed to get professional gaming chairs for e-sports athletes. It should be noted that IESC are the first Gaming body to introduce gaming chairs and take this event to a level which can be compared to those occurring abroad. The peripherals provided by IESC to the players for them to battle it out for glory included the newly released Nvidia 1060 gpu, 144 hertz monitors with crisp and rapid frames and HyperX Cloud 2 Headsets for impeccable communications. IESC has been regarded as one of the best events of 2016. Even more the e-Sports enthusiasts have regarded this event as a benchmark for others to follow.

Here is the Event Review VIDEO by Stamination


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