CM Challenger Series - Open Qualifier


To kick-start this year, Cooler Master India in association with and Drag2Death introduces India’s first Community based competitive event starting from 11th March 2017 called “Cooler Master Challenger Series – Season 1“.

Challenger Series brings in a new concept called CTMK better known as “Challenge the Mighty King” where a Challenger team is chosen through the community voting system to compete with the top team called the “Mighty King”.
Cooler Master Challenger Series will be played between top 8 teams that qualify from an Open Online Qualifier. The Winner of the Open qualifier becomes the “Mighty King” for the first week. Week over week new Challengers emerge to take on the Mighty King. Hence, the Mighty King has to win every Bo3 match that is played weekly to retain the top position throughout.

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Started on
March 11, 2017 1:40 am


  • 73 out of 128

  • Knockout

    Tournament type


Tournament details

  • Game

    Counter Strike: GO
  • Contestants

  • Game format

    Best of 1
  • Game frequency



  • Cache

  • Cobble

  • Inferno

  • Mirage

  • Nuke

  • Overpass

  • Train



  1. Any team that loses a Challenger Match will receive a 4 weeks cool-down and after 4 weeks they can be elected by the community via voting system. Since every week one loser will get a cool-down, chances are good for other teams to get elected.
  2. If a team gets a second chance and loses again, then that team gets eliminated from the Challenger Series.
  3. If a team wins the voting but doesn’t show up, then the team with the 2nd most highest number of votes will be elected as the new Challenger Team. The team that doesn’t show up will still remain as a Challenger Team, but if they are elected again then they will have one map disadvantage.
  4. If a team doesn’t show up for the second time, then that team will be disqualified from the Challenger Series.
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Winner Prizes

Place Reward
place 1 : Becomes Mighty King

Tournament brackets