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BETA Release


  • CM Challenger Series – Open Qualifier

    Tournament Begins: March 11, 2017, 1:40 am

    Tournament Type: Knockout

    Maximum Participants: 128 teams

    Current Participants: 73 teams

    Prize: Becomes Mighty King


    Tournament Begins: March 4, 2017, 1:40 pm

    Tournament Type: Knockout

    Maximum Participants: 32 teams

    Current Participants: 7 teams

    Prize: Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite, Cooler Master Devastator II

  • SHECHOSE2BE | League of Legends

    Tournament Begins: March 4, 2017, 2:00 pm

    Tournament Type: Knockout

    Maximum Participants: 32 teams

    Current Participants: 12 teams

    Prize: Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite, Cooler Master Devastator II

  • SheChose2Be | DOTA2

    Tournament Begins: March 4, 2017, 10:00 am

    Tournament Type: Knockout

    Maximum Participants: 32 teams

    Current Participants: 17 teams

    Prize: Cooler Master MasterKeys Lite, Cooler Master Devastator II

How to Register  [Step by Step Guide]

Note: Once you complete the following process, you will be able to Play varied tournaments Online with just one click of a button “Join”

#1. Login to event website

Click on Login button [Top Right] and choose either Steam or FaceBook to login. For CS:GO or DOTA2 competition it is mandatory to Login via Steam. For League of Legends you may choose to Login via Facebook. Authorize Steam or Facebook to allow your Sign-up and choose Second Option [New User Account]. Choose a unique User-Name and enter a valid E-mail address and proceed for e-mail activation. Once you Activate your Account you will immediately get a Password selection link via e-mail which is an optional step. If you do not want to login via social media sites on Public computers or Cafes you can reset the password and in future just login with your User-ID and newly created password. Proceed to Login.

#2. Update Your Profile

It is mandatory to Update your Garena UID and Mobile Number in your Profile Settings [Need to be logged On] if you want to participate in League of Legends, In case of CSGO or DOTA2 you only need to update your Mobile number. You can find your Profile on [Top Right], Click on your Profile -> Settings and update your information. Note that your Mobile number is not publicly displayed not forwarded to any 3rd party. Please read our Privacy Policy for more information.

#3. Create a Team

Add Template

Add Template

Once you successfully login, please Create a Team [Place your cursor on your Profile (Top Right) and select “Create a Team”]. Your team template should load for you [May take 10 to 15 seconds] In case your template doesn’t automatically load, you can click on button that says “Add Template” and from Default Templates, please select “Team Page”. Your template should load and now you can select a unique name for your team by clicking “Team Name”, If you do not get Save button after entering your team name please click anywhere outside the Input Field and the Save button will get activated. Save your team and click on close button.

Mandatory Steps: Please select your Game from the Games panel. Just click on EDIT button and select the relevant Game. Please note that even if you are an individual Player, the process is same as we need to identify the Game that you play in order to allow you to participate in the events based on the Game selection.

Optional Steps: You may upload a Logo, Avatar or Cover Photo. Add more information about yourself or your team. All options are self explanatory.

If you wonder why you need to create a Team for a Solo event, Checkout FAQ #4

#4. Join a Tournament / Event:

Voila! You have made it this far, Now it’s just a matter of clicking that Join button on the Event webpage | SheChose2Be [Make sure you are logged-In]

#1 Why Can’t I Join a Tournament

To Join a tournament for a specific game you need to be an active member of a team that plays the respective game. When you create a Team, you need to mandatorily select the considered gave from the Games Panel. If you already created a team and di not selected the game that you play please go back to your profile -> Go to your team page -> Click on Settings and in the edit mode you can select the considered game from the Games panel.

#2 Where is the Sign-Up Form?

There is no Sign-Up form required to participate in any event / tournament. All you need to do is Login to the website, create a team, select Games that your team plays and head over to your profile settings and Update your Steam ID, Garena ID, Mobile Number etc. Any Participant / Player who doesn’t update their contact details may not receive proper information about the event schedule, therefore it is mandatory for all participants to update their profiles. Its a one time task and henceforth no Sign-Ups are required. All you gotta do is, Login and Join the respective Open tournament.


#3 Why Mobile Number is mandatory in Profile?

Your Phone number will not be publicly viewable and we will never share your number with anyone except for the purpose of Event Invitation.  Sometimes players fail to see e-mail notifications during events and if you have updated your mobile number that works on Whatsapp our Admins will be able to send you a quick notification about your upcoming match.

#4 As an Individual why I have to create a Team Page? 

You certainly have a valid point however currently our Team System allows users to select a Game that they play and also allows Scores to be displayed for the past matches and also indicates the Upcoming matches per schedule. We do not want to use your Social Gamer Profile to bombard you with lots of tournament related information therefore Teams is a dedicated place for all your achievements. In future we will make our system more versatile with Significant focus on Solo Player Games without the need of Team Creation. For now please consider Team Page as your professional Gaming Page. Let’s keep our Social Life and Gaming Life separate for now.