WALLS.IO – Social Media Amalgamation

In an era dominated by social media, it has become habitual to update social media apps such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, among many others on a daily basis about your adventures. Hashtags appear as tools to garner attention on a certain topic, world event, etc and WALLS.IO becomes the ideal platform to display social content specific to your event. Using a dedicated social wall using unique hashtag is beneficial in a number of ways.

     WALLS.IO is committed to providing a unique space for creators, event organizers, start ups, etc to market and create awareness about their endeavors. It is a social wall that collects content from various social media platforms and shows you the larger picture arising out of your efforts. There is a sense of belonging, harboring community development but also garnering intense publicity for your events, etc. Various features such as the option to customize your wall, displaying it at a particular event venue and creating a massive hype that boost your business and sales!

    Global reach defines WALLS.IO in its entirety. Photos, videos, rave reviews and live updates that are shared online can now be represented on your event page without any difficulty. Free trails and inexpensive subsequent superior service quality at a minimal price are provided to the users. Using a dedicated wall also aides in keeping track of all positive and negative feedback that will further expand your event according to customer demands and needs.

  Regularly updated fresh content on their blog is informational and motivational. From tips and tricks on how to embed your social media wall on your website (https://blog.walls.io/product/embed-social-media-wall-website-builder), expanding your social media success, branding on social media (https://blog.walls.io/socialmedia/seamless-brand-experience-on-social) and other creative ideas to give you inspiration. The blog is educational for beginners and those that are established as there is always scope for growth when it comes to the never ending reach of social media.    

As Drag2Death’s community sponsor, WALLS.IO (https://walls.io/events) is supportive of our social impact as well. An impactful initiative by them has helped in uniting social media users worldwide and serves to fulfill the larger purpose of global domination.

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